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When your destination is Parga and you need a taxi to pick you up from the airport of Preveza or from the port of Igoumenitsa or from anywhere else you want, do not hesitate to call us to transfer you safely to the place you wish with our luxurious Mercedes E-class estate 24 hours a day.

Our names are George and Nikos Christakis and we speak English, Dutch, and French. We can arrange a good price for your transportation to and from the airport,port and several other excursions as well (springs of Acheronta, Necromandio, Lefkas, etc) , in our beautiful Epirus.

So, sit back and enjoy your ride next to our professional drivers.

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Destinations in Greece

Take a look at the countless beauties of Greece


Parga Epirus Greece


Located in the northwestern part of the regional unit of Preveza in Epirus, Parga is the jewel of northwestern Greece.
Parga lies on the Ionian coast between the cities of Preveza and Igoumenitsa and rightfully attracts thousands of tourists every summer, not only because of its natural beauties, but also because of its beautiful beaches. Swimmers can enjoy the calm and warm waters, and a wide variety of sea sports or games are also available.
Nevertheless, Parga is covered with great historical and archaelogical monuments in which you have the opportunity to go back in time and see an alternative Greece.
The character of the city is lively and modern but also with intense elements of the past. every evening you can enjoy the sunset, while the sun disappears in the Ionian Sea, between the Castle and the Island of Virgin Mary.

parga by night


Parga by night

Parga Epirus


Take a walk in the streets of Parga

krioneri beach parga


Discover the Ionian beaches

parga west greece


Exceptional resort with strong contrasts


acheron river


In Greek mythology Acheron was known as the river of woe

acheron springs


It was one of the five rivers of the Greek underworld

acheron river gliki


The name comes from the greek "akchos" which means sadness



Feel the dynamic of the water while rafting




Syvota is a seaside village of Epirus. It is built in a small gulf in which there are scattered several islands.
Evergreen hills embrace the crystal clear waters. An idyllic landscape that reminiscents the norwegian fiords.
The beautiful and spotless beaches attract tourists from Greece and abroad.
You can visit the monastery of Aghia Paraskevi and the lighthouse of the isle "Mavro Oros" which was built in 1884.

bella vraka beach syvota


Experience the beauty of Syvota

syvota greece


Enjoy the small bays whether you have a yacht or not

syvota epirus


Take your dinner in the traditional greek village by the sea

mikri amos syvota


Feel the refreshment of the seawater and the mountains




The most renowned Necromancy of the ancient world

nechromandio parga


People were trying to communicate with the souls of their lost beloved

nechromandio epirus greece


Among its visitors were Odysseus asking for information about his returning in Ithaca, semi-god Hercules upon his labor with Cerberus and musician Orpheus requesting his fiancé Euridice back.


lefkas island


Lefkada is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea on the west coast of Greece, connected to the mainland by a long floating bridge. It has has a rich culture with diverse traditions and customs, which hide a hundred years of history.
Lefkada is an enviable destination for lovers of water sports and not only. In various parts of the island there are beaches for all tastes.



Discover the diversities of the beautiful island

egremni beach lefkas


Descend the 347 steep steps and reach the beach of Egremni

porto katsiki beach lefkas


Porto Katsiki Beach. The name is said to be because formerly only goats could reach this area

nidri lefkas


The silence of the night and the calm of the sea

kathisma beach lefkas


Exotic waters in Lefkada



Every autumn thousands of flamingo birds migrate to Lefkada for the winter


Dodoni oracle


Dodoni was an oracle devoted to a Mother Goddess. Priestesses and priests in the sacred grove interpreted the rustling of the oak leaves to determine the correct actions to be taken

dodoni temple


The temple was shared by Dioni and also by Zeus.

dodoni theater


The theater was built in the 3rd century BC.

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